Spring Sniper Rifle


Spring Airsoft guns are true to scale and some are true to weight. Excellent for collecting and recreational use. Because of their maintenance free design and their affordability, these are excellent entry level AirSoft guns.

This class of AirSoft products is very durable and have extremely low failure rate. These Airsoft pistols are styled after popular handguns and are very detailed. They shoot 6mm soft air bullets which are fed from the clip. The clip pops in just like the real ones.

Most models shoot above or around 220 fps and have an average accuracy range of over 85 feet. They are great for learning how to target shoot. You will love the heavy feel and the realistic qualities of most of these shooting machines. They are spring-cocked and shoot very hard (But not dangerously hard mind you). Most guns have the "Hop Up" system, which simply means that there is a drag in the top of the barrel that puts a back spin on the pellet which makes it fly further and straighter.

NT-UA314.jpg Spring SUPER 9 BOLT ACTION by UHC

This is the very popular stealth sniper rifle, simple, lightweight, accurate, and flexible. And it's quiet, too, with its silent bolt action; and it's simple, too, with its modular design. Both takedown and assembly are a piece of cake! Just like a real-life bolt action gun, its bolt locks and unlocks via a lever on the right side; and it takes either a 5-round rotary internal magazine (shell casing ejects with each shot for added realism) or a 30-round side mount magazine. Highly detailed, gorgeously designed, this is an instant classic that you don't want to miss.

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