Spring Airsoft Rifles



Probably the most distinctive feature of this beautiful, highly realistic SMG (sub machine gun) is its integrated silencer assembly, which makes up fully two-thirds of the entire long length of the gun (only slightly scaled down from its real-life counterpart). This special forearm has an extended tube and, for comfort and reliability, a serrated, contoured forward grip. The tube adds some 6 ½ inches to the front of the gun; unlike the real gun, however, it houses a true AirSoft barrel, which not only heightens accuracy, but adds some 30 to 60 additional FPS (feet per second) as well!

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NT-UA314.jpg Spring SUPER 9 BOLT ACTION by UHC

This is the very popular stealth sniper rifle, simple, lightweight, accurate, and flexible. And it's quiet, too, with its silent bolt action; and it's simple, too, with its modular design. Both takedown and assembly are a piece of cake! Just like a real-life bolt action gun, its bolt locks and unlocks via a lever on the right side; and it takes either a 5-round rotary internal magazine (shell casing ejects with each shot for added realism) or a 30-round side mount magazine. Highly detailed, gorgeously designed, this is an instant classic that you don't want to miss.

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