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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Airsoft Iowa Operation Linebacker III

Setting: Vietnam War - Alternate Outcome
Games: Downed pilot, Stronghold defense, Officer hunts, Secret Missions, etc.
Teams: NVA and VC
Air Cavalry and Special Forces
14 Hour OP with 10 hours of intense Airsofting
Multiple teams on each side each with individual missions
Points system and score keeping to see who is the victor
Open ended missions with infinite outcome possibilities
Booby traps, props, and occasional bad acting
Vendors - Hot food, Airsoft (Valkyrie Air), Blackhawk
$600 worth of Prizes!
Free camping Friday and Saturday night for Out-of-Towner's
Airsoft swap meet - Buy, sell, and trade your gear"

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 3
6:00 pm Arrival
7:00 pm Airsoft Swap Meet - trading/buying/selling
8:00 pm Camping
Saturday, October 4
7:00 am Registration
8:30 am Briefing
9:30 am Game
12:00am Lunch
1:00 pm Game
5:00 pm Dinner
5:30 pm Prize Raffle
6:00 pm Game
10:00pm Camping
Sunday, October 5
10:00 am Pack up, Clean up
11:00 am Open Games

Airsoft Iowa Operation Linebacker III at 
Monday, August 25, 2003

Fake guns bring about 3 arrests at gunpoint

Fake guns bring about 3 arrests at gunpoint:
By Nelson Daranciang,

Three men were arrested by police at gunpoint in Manoa yesterday and became the first to be charged under the city's new law that prohibits carrying unconcealed replica guns in public.

Jamieson Pond, 20, of Manoa, charged with violating the replica gun ordinance and criminal trespass, appeared yesterday in Honolulu District Court, and was released and ordered to return for arraignment on Sept. 4.

Andrew Park, of Honolulu, and Kory Takekawa, of Kalama Valley, both 19, posted $100 bail and are scheduled to make initial court appearances next week. Both are charged with violating the replica gun ordinance and criminal trespass...."

Here are some basic rules that should keep you out of trouble:

DO NOT use, expose, or show your airsoft guns on public land or in plain public view.

DO NOT play airsoft games on public property such as schools, parks, or playgrounds.

DO NOT play airsoft games on private property WITHOUT the owner's permission.

When transporting your airsoft be sure that it is completely concealed from public view and not readily identifiable as a weapon.

In the event that you are confronted by law enforcement officers comply with all their requests.
Sunday, August 24, 2003

Air Soft Alley - Web Site Status.

Well I literally worked on this site for 12 hours straight yesterday. It damn near killed me. The results are now showing and the blog is set up along with all the linking placeholder pages for the site.

I plan to update at the rate of 1-2 pages per day. We will see how long I can keep that up though.

If you have a an Airsoft Field and would like to be listed in the directory please send me an email at

Thank you, and come back soon! 

New Airsoft Gun Silencer from Classic Army Airsoft

Airsoft Network : Your source for Airsoft news:
"New 14mm Silencer From Classic Army AMGeneral Classic Army has announced a new 14mm Double Screw silencer..."

From what I have been reading the Classic Army airsoft guns are below the level of the Toyko Marui you should probably shop around before you decide to make a purchase. 

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