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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Rising Sun Recon goes to the Hobby Expo 2003

Rising Sun Recon:
"Well I managed to catch the last two hours of Hobby Expo 2003 over at the Tokyo Big Site convention center. Compared to Black Hole, there wasn`t nearly as much stuff on display or for sale. I will be attending Black Hole..." 

Airsoft FPS / Accuracty tests and results | All Stuff, No Fluff:
"FPS/Accuracy Tests and Results Pikachoad & SLB For too long we have seen basic confusion regarding the effects that upgrading guns can have on your range and accuracy. People know the physics involved- its just sometimes difficult to translate the physics into real world observable results.

Part of the reason for this problem is the role of hopup on the system. For the sake of completeness, hopup is the name of the process of putting backspin on a pellet fired through an airsoft gun in order to create lift on the pellet, thus counter-acting the forces of gravity, resulting in a longer straighter flight path of the projectile. Since the hopup mechanism actually comes into contact with the pellet, it becomes pretty difficult to determine how the system will react.

So after hearing enough conflicting stories about what causes what, SLB and I decided to do some simple tests."

This is kind of interesting...also the first blog entry here. Hopefully, the first of many.  

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