About Airsoft

Airsoft was designed and marketed in the United States about 30 years ago by a major BB gun manufacturer. AirSoft was conceptualized as a new approach in BB gun application. In place of the utilitarian air gun designed for hunting, the AirSoft BB gun was created with a pure recreational application in mind. It was created for people who enjoy target practicing or indoor plinking with friends. Individuals who are not concerned about the high power hunting application of a BB or pellet gun but just wanted to have fun. Unlike traditional BB guns, Airsoft guns fire a 6mm plastic projectile at speeds of up to 300 feet per second (FPS).

Airsoft is rapidly growing in popularity among paintball players and war gamers. Make no mistake - Airsoft is THE most accurate and realistic war gaming technology on the market today. It is for this reason that Airsoft is being adopted by tactical teams and law enforcement groups around for the world for its superior delivery of force-on-force training. Buy Airsoft Guns

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